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Services include:

global voicemail



conference calling

enhanced forwarding

follow-me service

instant live call connection

local, regional & nationwide paging

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant enables companies to create a seamless virtual office environment in which calls can be routed and transferred anywhere.

One Number

One Number locates the subscriber by sending a page notification and dialing three Follow-me numbers simultaneously (Cellular, Office, home, etc). Now you can access your messages, faxes, make calls and more from your web browser.


Our International Account gives you low international rates. We do not charge connection fees or surcharges. You get the same low rate any time, every day.


About the Company

The PersonalOffice system was established in 1998. The PersonalOffice system provides a comprehensive, feature-rich, user-friendly menu of communication services directly to end users.

We utilize a unique enhanced telecommunications-switching platform, which enables us to offer a single point of access for all enhanced services. This access can be toll-free and personalized to each user.

Proprietary services such as “Virtual PBX” (multiple toll-free forwarding sub-menu-platforms) are offered off the enhanced services platform. We can also provide credit and debit billing options to facilitate budget forecasting.

Communication is vital in business. PersonalOffice provides a suite of solutions which will help your business run at its most efficient level. With one simple number, customers can reach you anywhere, anytime. By using our Auto Attendent, you receive all the features of a full PBX, but without the high cost of equipment and installation. The International Calling Card allows you or your employees to make international calls from mobile phones with great rates. Best of all, these services can be purchased a la carte; or, in a bundle, offering you a complete portfolio of communications products for one low price.




Auto Attendant

Imagine being able to integrate all your employees, call agents and branch officers together under one central number. Imagine being able to route your incoming calls to virtual extensions, so that incoming calls can be connected with employees or agents scattered across the city or nation wide. Imagine being able to send or receive a fax document automatically. Imagine being able to work anywhere you want, at home, on the road and appear to be in your office.

PersonalOffice Auto Attendant is a revolutionary new telephone service that gives you all of this and more. You get all of the features of an expensive PBX without having to buy any telephone equipment, plus you get PersonalOffice features you can't get with any other product or service. Our Auto Attendant enables companies to create a seamless virtual office environment in which calls can be routed and transferred anywhere in the city or nation.

Cost-Effective Service: No Equipment to buy!

Because PersonalOffice Auto Attendant is a service that you can use with any phone line or as an overlay to your existing phone system there is no need to purchase, install or maintain new phone equipment.

When you sign up for the PersonalOffice Auto Attendant service, you get your very own telephone number (toll-free or local). You can choose to give out this number or have your existing number forwarded to it. You get an auto-attendant greeting, private extensions, options, music on hold, etc. Because the system is housed and maintained by PersonalOffice, you do not have to purchase, install or maintain any equipment. You simply sign up for the PersonalOffice service and begin using it immediately.

You get all the features of a full PBX system without the cost associated with purchasing or installing equipment on site. In minutes you can add voice and fax mail, company wide directory services, follow me roaming, call screening and new message paging. All this can be done from any telephone.


  • Activation Fee : $25.00
  • Monthly Fee: $9.95
  • Per Minute Fee : $0.06

PersonalOffice's pricing includes all services and is as easy as 1,2,3.

There is no long term contract. A $100 non-refundable deposit will apply as a credit to your account. Your monthly fees and usage come out of the deposit until it is used up. You can cancel anytime and forfeit just the unused balance of your deposit.

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Here is how it works:

Callers are greeted by a professional Auto Attendant and are given different options. For example:

  • The system can transfer calls into a regular voice mail box.
  • The system can play a prerecorded message. Example: Thank you for inquiring about our product. Let me tell you all that it can do for you.
  • The system can connect to a particular individual wherever they may be even if they are out of the country and that individual can then screen who is calling them before accepting the call.
  • The system can store a fax document in memory and callers have the capability of downloading those documents to their fax machine through the main greeting.
  • The system allows callers to fax information into a company from the main greeting.
  • The system can also page out to notify you that someone is trying to call you or that they left you a voice mail.
  • The system can also forward calls from the main greeting to different locations. Example: If a company has an office in Boston and an office in Chicago customers can call one main number and transfer to either location from the main greeting.

One Number

The U.S. census reveals that 75% of all calls made during any given day never reach the intended party on the first try; thus creating voicemail phone tag.

Unlike other telecommunications services, PersonalOffice locates the subscriber by sending a page notification and dialing three Follow-me numbers simultaneously(Cellular, Office, home, etc) wherever they may be.

All calls provide caller identification and pager notification so that the subscriber can choose which calls to connect live to, which calls to let go to voicemail and which calls to redirect elsewhere. With a PersonalOffice One-Number account, the subscriber is aware of all attempted connections and is in control of all communication transactions.

Our intelligent telecommunications platform offers the most feature-rich, easy-to-use value-added service solutions available today. Most importantly, all services are tied to one personal, toll-free telephone number that serves as a single point of access for all communications transactions.


  • Activation Fee : $25.00
  • Monthly Fee : $25.00 for 420 minutes
  • Additional Minute: $0.06

PersonalOffice's pricing includes all services and is as easy as 1,2,3.

There is no long term contract. A $100 non-refundable deposit will apply as a credit to your account. Your monthly fees and usage come out of the deposit until it is used up. You can cancel anytime and forfeit just the unused balance of your deposit.

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Call Connect

With PersonalOffice's Call Connect feature, callers who choose to connect live with the subscriber are prompted to "Please hold while I attempt to locate your party". Instantly, the subscriber is notified via pager and/or up to three predetermined follow-me numbers, that a caller is holding live. Caller ID and call screening are also a part of the Call Connect service.

If one of your follow-me numbers rings, you will be told who is holding for you immediately upon answering the call. If you then press "1" you will be instantly connected to the calling party.

If you are notified on your pager that there is a caller holding, you simply dial your PersonalOffice toll-free number, press the " * " key and follow the user-friendly instructions.

In both cases, you will have the option to redirect the caller to another number or to voicemail.

Key Benefits

  • You always know who is calling you and when
  • You are in control of who you connect with and who goes to voicemail
  • You can travel at will while calls simply follow you
Follow Me

By designating follow-me numbers, subscribers direct calls to be delivered to their office, home, mobile telephone numbers or any other location where the subscriber wishes to be reached. Subscribers may change their follow-me numbers at any time by logging into their account. Most importantly, PersonalOffice redirects all callers to three follow-me numbers simultaneously; unlike other providers that try one location at a time, forcing the caller to hold for several minutes.

Key Benefits

  • Travel at will and your calls follow you
  • All three locations ring simultaneously
  • Always know who is trying to contact you
  • Music on hold

PersonalOffice's Voicemail is a full-featured voicemail system through which subscribers can listen to their messages from any telephone, anywhere, anytime. An inventory of urgent, new and saved messages is played to the subscriber. The voicemail system allows callers to mark messages as urgent, replay messages before sending or re-record the message. Pager notification of new messages is available for all messages or for urgent messages only (the subscriber decides).

Key Benefits

  • Personal Greetings
  • Basic menu including save, delete, replay, copy and replay
  • Advanced menu including speed and volume control
  • Date, time and caller stamp
  • Passcode authorization
  • Directory Services
  • Group accounts for distribution
  • Direct messaging to other subscribers
  • Personal and company operator access

PersonalOffice's Faxmail service offers a full range of facsimile applications. Each subscriber has a personal mailbox where faxes can be revised, stored and retrieved with complete confidentiality. In addition to sending a fax, callers can record a voice description of the fax for the subscriber. Pager notification of a received fax is available and includes the fax number of the sender and the number of pages received. Subscribers may access their faxes from any telephone, anywhere, anytime. Faxes may be automatically routed to a subscriber's regular fax number or printed to any fax of the subscriber's choosing.

Key Benefits

  • One number for all inbound fax and voice communication
  • Automatic fax detection
  • Voice description with fax
  • Pager notification with caller identification
  • Automatic delivery to specified fax machine
  • Retry on Busy
  • Delivery to any specified fax machine
  • Personalized cover sheet
  • Function menu includes save, delete, print, copy and forward
  • Date, time and caller stamp
  • Broadcast Fax
  • PBX/Centrex integration
  • Fax bulletin board; fax on demand
  • Paging integration for local and wide-area pagers
  • Secure storage for complete confidentiality
  • Integration with external voice messaging systems

PersonalOffice's Conference Calling feature allows subscribers to initiate conference calls of up to 5 individuals from any available telephone. Subscribers may add additional parties to a conference by simply placing the current call on hold and entering the telephone number of the new participants. The initiator can drop out of the conference to receive other calls and to initiate other communications, such as listening to voice messages, and then return to the conference in progress.

Key Benefits

  • Conference anytime, anywhere from any telephone
  • Conference up to 5 parties including the initiator
  • Initiator can drop out of conference with a simple key press
  • Music on hold
  • Easy to add additional parties
  • Conference can be created from any live call, follow-me or outbound call
  • Restrictive outbound calling can be set for any subscriber
Speed Dial

PersonalOffice's Speed Dial allows subscribers to create one or two digit codes (called speed dial entry numbers) which represent phone numbers that are commonly dialed. A speed dial entry number may be used to place calls or enter phone numbers in a subscriber's account, such as your follow-me numbers. All PersonalOffice accounts have 49 speed dial entries.

Key Benefits

  • No need to memorize important numbers
  • Instant dialing with the push of one button
  • An address book is always available
Caller ID

PersonalOffice subscribers can screen calls several ways. As callers are prompted to identify themselves with their name, you always know who is holding. A caller already in voicemail can be further screened by listening while the message is being recorded. This feature enables the subscriber to determine the urgency of the call, allowing them to accept the call, redirect the call accordingly or leave the caller in voicemail. To accept the call subscribers simply press "1" for call connect. Voicemail, faxmail and e-mail messages also provide caller ID so subscribers know who sent the message and if the message is urgent.

Key Benefits

  • You know who is calling or leaving a message
  • You control how calls are handled
  • You know the urgency of the message
Long Distance

PersonalOffice provides subscribers with calling capabilities that can be restricted by debit and/or credit amounts. This allows businesses to provide their traveling and telecommuting employees with access to the corporate network in a secure fashion for all of their outbound calling needs. Businesses can leverage long distance call rates, provide employees with convenient services and track individual's usage of the network. All of this at some of the lowest per minute calling rates.

Key Benefits

  • Place call on hold
  • Transfer to another number
  • Set debit/credit amount at any level
  • Music on hold
  • User-friendly menus
  • Notification of remaining debit limit
  • Call forwarding
  • Restrictive inbound and outbound dialing plans
  • Call transfer to another number
  • Multiple-language prompts available
  • Batch card and pin numbers available

PersonalOffice provides its subscribers with a free Internet email address. All documents received in the email address are instantly forwarded to the subscriber's faxmail account where they are stored electronically and confidentially for retrieval by the subscriber on demand. E-mail documents can be retrieved anytime, anywhere. Subscribers are notified of the receipt of e-mail documents via their pager and account inventory announcements.

Key Benefits

  • No need to log into the Internet to view email
  • Retrieve email anywhere, anytime without a computer
  • Enjoy a Global Internet email address without subscribing
    to an online service

Pager notification to any local, regional or nationwide pager is available through a One Number account. Subscribers are alerted via pager of all call connect attempts and the receipt of all voicemail messages and faxmail and e-mail documents. The type of communication transaction and the caller ID are all provided on the subscriber's numeric or alphanumeric pager.

Key Benefits

  • You know of all calls as they happen
  • Notification of the type and status of all calls
  • Even numeric pagers receive communication type and caller ID
Download Manual

Download Manual

Please download and print this file for complete information about One Number. It contains detailed information about all the features and describes the multiple ways to easily customize your One Number to your needs.

Adobe Acrobat


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